давайте будем реалистами

Продолжаем развлекаться :)
You are a rapier! You"re fast and very sharp.
your only weakness is that in certain
situations you can be thin and easily

What kind of sword are you?
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C'est exact :)))
You are a dream angel! You are there to protect everyone during the night
and give them sweet dreams. Though your job is
not as easy as it sounds as sometimes you are
forced to send people signs through their
dreams. It's a tough job but your the only one
that can do it. When giving dreams you also
have to make sure your never seen. Your very
quick and very flexible. You give each human a
dream during the night even if they don't
remember it. You are happiest at night when the
stars are out and the moon shines bright. Out
of all the angels you work the hardest keeping
everyone happy with your dreams.

What type of angel are you?
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@настроение: exited

2005-09-04 в 14:39 

cair vith, lastal hain canel?
а вот это здорово:))
You are a claymore! Large sharp, double-edged,
your very name means great. If you have one
weakness it is that you're heavy and

What kind of sword are you?
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а ты действительно рапира:))
сейчас бутерброд сделаю, и второй загрузится:)
..стоять на страже ваших снов..:))

2005-09-04 в 14:46 

cair vith, lastal hain canel?
Your a mystic angel! Wow aren't you lucky. Mystic angels are very rare
and very powerful, you are very protective of
those around you. You don't believe your
special but you are, be glad and be the best
that you can. Mystic angels are the most
powerful of angels and the most innocent as

What type of angel are you?
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для нас с тобой мой результат особенно ":))))))))" ;)
ничего, что я сюда это?:))

2005-09-04 в 14:48 

давайте будем реалистами
Я тоже про тебя подумала, когда смотрела все возможные

2005-09-04 в 15:08 

cair vith, lastal hain canel?
жду твоё мыло:)
уже в третий раз за обед подключаюсь - ничего:))
ладно, пока за чаем схожу...)))

2005-09-04 в 15:46 

давайте будем реалистами
Я сама чай ходила пить :) Все, отправила :)


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